Terms and conditions of membership at
first step Family Sports Center

mbership registration form is to be filled by the adult member or the parent, if the registration is done for an underage person. A personal photo and a copy of the Qatari ID should be provided

Membership fees shall be fully paid upon registration

Members must show their membership card when entering the gym

Damage or loss of the membership card entails reissuance of the membership card, for QR 30 payable by the member

Temporary lockers shall be provided to the members during work out times, accordingly FSSC shall not be responsible or held liable for missing items

Annual membership can be frozen twice during the subscription validity, for 30 days each time. Biannual membership can be frozen twice during the subscription validity, for 14 days each time. Quarterly membership can be frozen twice during the subscription validity, for 7 days each time. In any case, the registration office should be informed 48 hours in prior, through the Membership Freezing Application. Accordingly, Membership fees shall not be refundable for non resumed memberships on or before the ultimatums

Members may transfer their membership to third parties, provided the membership expires for more than half of the term, and the amount of SAR 30 is paid against the membership card. By filling out a membership transfer request with the knowledge and approval of the center management

If you opt to get your subscription fees refunded for due convincing reasons, a Subscription Refund application should be filled and submitted for the Center’s management approval, within 3 working days, from the date of registration. QR 150 will be deducted as an administrative fee plus 20% of subscription paid fees, shall refunding application is actually approved

Members should maintain proper use of the Center’s sporting equipment; and weights should be returned in place after exercise. Any costs, incurred by damages of property and/or sporting equipment, because of aggressive conduct or negligence, shall be paid by the involved member

Nudity throughout the entire vicinity and underwear apparel in the changing rooms are not allowed. Suitable sportswear only should be attired

Any misbehavior or misconduct between members or against the Center’s employees is not allowed. In any such a case, membership will be subject to immediate cancellation without prejudice to FSSC to sue the breaching individual

The gym’s management shall bear no responsibility against any losses or damages occur to the belongings of the members or their guests; and/or against any case of death and/or injuries happen inside the Center’s vicinity. The members and their guests agree upon non-indemnification against the Center, its management or its employees, for any reason

The Center is not responsible for the loss of any of the member’s possessions or their guests’, at the center’s Premises

Private coaching by a member’s personal trainer is not allowed inside the Center

The Management has the right to review/change all rules and regulations, and periodically adjust the prices and schedule of training sessions, from time to time, without notice, as it deems appropriate which shall take effect as of issuance date

The member agrees by sign these conditions as a healthy fit for practicing any type of sport activities of his choice and that he does not suffer from any diseases that prevent or limit or may affect his health safety or may cause him any diseases or disabilities and thus release the sports center and sports coaches from Any civil and criminal liability or claim for compensation if otherwise a problem is recognized or occurs
Should the members has any particular medical issues, the sport center should be informed at the day of application submittal  without any liability of whatsoever nature on the sports center

Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the member of the Club shall immediately disclaim any liability of the Sports Center and shall waive as of now any right of prosecuting the gym before any judicial or regulatory body and finally and irrevocably discharge the gym from any liabilities. This discharge also extends to the successor of the member and his heirs